Beauty in a Functional Item

I recently had the opportunity to sample a product from a company named Fusion Gates. The gate can be used to keep pets in a safe spot or a baby from climbing the stairs. These gates come in a variety of sizes and additional panels to be customizable for any size doorway.

But any conversation about gates doesn’t usually include beauty. This is perhaps the most exciting factor of the Fusion Gates baby and pet gates. In addition to a variety of finishes, there are also customizable screens that can be slide in the top of the gate. Creating a beautiful piece of art in the doorway instead of just a simple gate.

Screens can be changed and removed, or the tempered plastic look plastic insert can be used. Unique design feautres also include a one-finger finial latch opens the door easily in both directions as well. And while there were a lot of pieces, the instructions were easy to follow and assembly was a snap!

Here are some pictures in our home, but definitely go to their website and check it out for yourself!