Hygge in Your Home


The concept of Hygge is on the forefront of the latest trends in Home Furnishings. The problem is that it’s incredibly hard to explain! The Danish word pronounced “hue-guh” references a feeling or moment of feeling cozy and special. There’s not a direct translation of the word into English, but the closest word to convey its meaning is cozy. Bringing the feeling of happiness to our homes and living comfortably is the idea of Hygge.

As fall approaches, hygge is once again important. We are rapidly approaching shorter days and crisper nights. The feel of fall can be found in warmth by the fire, hot chocolate and warm wooly socks. A cozy blanket and fluffy pillow can transform a small area into an inviting nook ready for reading, snuggling or watching cartoons on Saturday morning with the kids.



My daughter is heading out to college and creating an attractive and warm home environment for her to come home to is on the front of my mind. As I anticipate her weekends home in the days ahead, I’m already thinking about making her room ready for her and planning her favorite meals. This is the idea of hygge. The comfort and coziness of home and an inviting environment. Sometimes you can find that by adding some color and texture with wall art.


The warm colors and texture of this wall hanging add a depth to any room.



Applying hygge to your homes can be as simple as adding some new fluffy blankets, soft fleece and jersey pillows and cotton textures on our walls. Warmth involves colors of the season also – red, yellow, brown and tan.

Minimal and clean, the environment is peaceful and something that more and more people are searching for today. Our homes especially should provide that for our families. In between hectic schedules and school assignments, peace and comfort provide an inviting backdrop for our families and they will long to come home. While the additions of accessories and other pieces can add up financially, they don’t have to. A piece of art here, a blanket and pillow there, a home cooked meal and friends who come and stay because they feel welcome are all you really need.