Amazon Prime Day Deals

It’s hard to resist the opportunity to share some of my favorite things! I mean if it’s design and it’s on sale, I should share it!

Yes the links are Amazon affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase off the link. I always appreciate any and all support!

Let’s start with my favorite mattress. Now not only do we sleep it on it, but our daughter designed it and it’s from her company. Yes I know that makes me partial but if I hated it I wouldn’t sleep on it. Honest. We had a TempurPedic and now own the Revived Mattress and I hate traveling now because I don’t sleep until we get back home. Check out the best mattress in a box around and it’s made in the USA and support a young woman with her business.

Next product I can’t live without - my Instant Pot. Seriously it has helped me out so much especially when I’m behind in making dinner. I can throw a chunk of frozen meat in the frozen pot and we can be eating 30 minutes later. Crazy good!

So thankful for these strips - so many people can’t hang art work on the walls of their apartment, lease building or dorm room. Now command has come to the rescue to help us still put that amazing art work on the walls!

Well, you need something to hang with those command strips am I right? So many amazing pieces with the Stone & Beam and Rivet lines with Amazon. Check out just a few of my faves!

If none of these ideas inspired you - check out the Everything’s Gravy storefront on Amazon here -

We are updating the list this month and hope you find lots of amazing things!

And if you’re not a Prime member you’d better get signed up!