Atlanta Gift Market - July

I've traveled to many markets in the last 20+ years. Whether as an assistant to buyers and owners for their showrooms, or on the wholesale side just for fun. Markets are amazing and overwhelming things, and as much fun as they are the work is MAJOR too.  Tons of walking... for instance this is just one building - that's right there's 14 floors!


Atlanta Gift Market July 2018.victoriaduerstock

After a quick flight from Memphis, I dropped off the luggage and headed over to the market. Popped in to the showroom to see the hubs and snap a few quick shots - so fun right?  and then took off to see Bethenny from RHONY give an interview with Adam Glassman, the creative director for Oprah.


Bethenny's interview was wonderful and she has really done an amazing job as a Female Entrepreneur, but my personal favorite was to hear her discuss her non profit work with Be Strong.  Seeing a need for helping people and knowing she had the access to people with money and connections she has created a network that can impact significant change around the world. From Hurricane Harvey to Puerto Rico and Guatemala, she has initiated a significant charitable work and I am so impressed. It was an honor to be in the crowd to hear her live!

I walked floors of amazing product and have more to I'd better run for now - more to come soon!