Pantone Color of the Year vs. 6 more weeks of Winter!

I wasn’t too happy when Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted another six weeks of winter. Collectively all the parents sighed. I personally preferred a different groundhog’s point of view. General Beauregard Lee’s prediction in Georgia is for an early spring.

I know. Groundhogs don’t really predict the weather—it’s just a fun and silly tradition we Americans and Canadians have been playfully observing since 1887. But just the idea of six more weeks of winter can be depressing, especially if you are a parent and feel like the kids are cooped up and need to be outdoors.

The thought of spending more time indoors because of additional weeks of winter, prompts many of us to think about making our homes more inviting. One option is to think of a new coat of paint. Each year in December, Pantone releases a brand new color of the year for the following year. This year for 2017, the color is Greenery. Spring feelings can’t help but bubble up with this fun hue. Bring the outdoors inside and brighten up your living space with a trendy color on your walls, or use it as an accent. Feelings evoked by fresh starts are always welcome in the midst of a gray winter.


Based in the neutral hues of nature, Greenery combines with endless shades of almost any color. Greenery joined with other neutrals is very trendy this year as well, and it coordinates well with bright or deep colors, or even metallics. Just because greenery is a fun cheery shade doesn’t mean you need to repaint your entire house though!


Adding this pop of color in a small workroom, laundry room, or maybe even on an accent wall in a bedroom would be a fun contrast to an otherwise neutral palette. These small changes might be just the shot you need to help endure till Spring.


Another big trend this year will be attention to texture. Instead of incredibly smooth surfaces from prior modern trends, you’ll want to add items that will encourage variety. I’m not just talking about pillows and fluffy throws either, even sofas, rugs and wall accessories are getting the texture brush. Texture adds depth and dimension and a warmth not previously seen.

Don’t despair though, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money. We are parents after all, and spending money on the home sometimes takes a back seat. Adding fluff to your décor or some textured wall art doesn’t mean every piece needs updating. Adding a piece here and there is actually better.

Less is still always more. Lastly, when you are in the market to purchase a big item like a sofa, remember to go with a more neutral palette. You can change the décor of your sofa throughout the year with an assortment of pillows—a much more economical option for your budget than changing out your sofa every few months.


It’s amazing how even small changes can make your house feel more welcoming to your guests—and even more importantly, to your family.