Evergreen and Ever popular Farmhouse trends

Creating an inviting environment for our families is perhaps the most discussed goal among parents today. Warmth and comfort rank high on the priority list because we all want a haven to come home to and to enjoy with our family. Keeping with current trends doesn’t always lend itself to warmth and comfort, but one very popular style remains strong in retail.



A quick Google search pulls over nine million options for farmhouse decorating. Referred to by many as the Fixer Upper effect, this trend markets well and appears to remain strong at both the markets and the retail level.


Ease of placement appeals to us for several reasons. Some home trends are just inherently difficult to pull off. Jewel tones and large geometric patterns, which are also hot for 2017, can be difficult to pull together well.

Mixing and matching styles and layers without great effort is a relief to a busy mom, or a tired dad. The fabric textures are easy to combine, burlap, and neutrals all go well without anything standing out as ostentatious.


Creating a comforting environment is another great reason to lean into the farmhouse trend. We look forward to relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day and a home that invites us to relax is what we all desire. It doesn’t matter if we are away at a job for the day, or running carpool, or grabbing the groceries, having a place to decompress and put our feet up is just what we seek from those comfortable pillows and fuzzy throws.


A home that has plenty of baskets and storage for toys when the children are little, makes it easier to clean up in a hurry when company is coming. As our children age and move out of our homes, a welcoming home for our adult children to either reside in as they work and go to college, or come home to during the holidays is easy to achieve in this particular trend.

So while it is super fun to try out the new and latest trends, those décor secrets that have some staying power can be a blessing. Having the Farmhouse look still remain strong at the furniture markets, means that the retailers will keep those items stocked much longer. This is a huge benefit to you the consumer. If they are still showing strong at market, you will still be seeing them at the retail level.

So as you seek to make your house your home, remember the MOST important part of your home is the people who live there. Home should always revolve around our family and the popular farmhouse trend can keep us comfortable together.