Why a website on travel, design & food?

We love sharing with our friends a great meal we've had or an amazing place we stayed. Out of our love of taking a business trip and adding a bit of pleasure, we decided this was the next logical step!

Rob has been in the furniture and design industry for years. He travels to exotic locations across the globe unearthing treasures and goodies, and along the way finds interesting places to eat, sights to see and amazing new design trends.

Vicki has been tagging along as often as she is able and enjoys trips both abroad and in the U.S.  Finding the next foodie stop sometimes is as easy as hitting Instagram and checking out what the locals think. Vicki also writes on home trends and enjoys the access she has to the latest market finds.

Pairing up to provide you the reader with an immersive experience is the goal of Everything's Gravy. We hope you enjoy our posts and shares and look forward to sharing much more in the days ahead!